AuricSound S7 Reference DACs Features

Playback support for a wide range of Ultra-Hi- Res formats The AuricSound S7 was designed, from the outset, to support as many audio formats as possible. Maxing out at 11.2MHz DSD, the AuricSound S7 supports up to 768kHz/32bit DSD512 audio. Factor in support for WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF, and it's clear the AuricSound S7 is a machine designed for the Hi-Res age.

Industry-first support for the new 'MQA' format

MQA is a revolution in Hi-Res, a completely different way of capturing, delivering and reproducing audio performances which preserve the image of the original studio recording in format/file size that’s small enough to stream. Amazing. Which is why the AuricSound S7 will support MQA

Symmetrical Twin 32bit DAC & AMP circuit design

Symmetrical circuit design for the shortest and equal distance gives greater control over balanced signals.

Ultra-Hi- Res DAC/AMP board

The Reference 32bit DAC/AMP circuit board is physically separated from the CPU main board. This approach mimics the way having separate amplifier and source components minimizes noise and maximizes performance. Similarly, on the DAC/AMP board itself, the audio circuitry and switching power supply are spaced apart to further keep noise at bay.

2 Types of Balanced drive

Balanced output via the 4-pole headphone socket supports both the esoteric ACG (Active Control GND) drive system as well as the more common BTL (Bridge-Tied) system.

Realtime DSD Conversion

The AuricSound S7 can upconvert all audio, from Hi-Res content to compressed audio, to DSD512 quality in real-time.

Ultra-Hi- Res Upsampling

There's built-in support for upsampling (up to 768 kHz/32bit DSD512) so you can enjoy all your content in Ultra-Hi- Res audio quality.

Reference Digital Filters

Three Digital Filters - SHARP, SLOW, SHORT - All delta sigma converters include a digital interpolation filter, to convert the incoming PCM data (i.e. 96kHz, 24-bit) to a delta sigma bitstream. Unlike older 24-bit DACs, the ESS performs these DSP operations at a resolution of 32 bits for lower noise and distortion.

Wireless connection

“CSR apt-X” feature The CSR apt-X feature for wireless communication between the AuricSound S7 and other compatible devices, at a maximum resolution of 192kHz/24bit. Support for the aptX codec also guarantees high quality wireless audio transmission via Bluetooth (with compatible devices).

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